Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

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Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Let us get straight; you are reading this blog with an intention. You are here to know the marketing strategies that benefit your business. Ultimately all you want is to sell your products or services. With the tremendous growth in internet users, the demand for online marketing sky-rocketed.

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About 7.7 billion people use the internet and search for their pieces of information sitting at home. Nowadays, shopping is not about visiting stores; it is to search online and purchase the item.

When your potential customers are online, you must be on digital marketing channels to help your online customer reach you. Suppose you avoid digital platforms for your business and continue traditional marketing and you roughly lose 66% of the customers. Ouch! that is an enormous number. You cannot bear to lose the customers to your competitors.

You need to have a digital marketing plan ready. Digital marketing is a booming industry because it is used widely among the audience.

What is Digital Marketing?

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It is not about using Social media channels but it is more than that. Digital marketing is a cluster that is mix-matched to produce a perfect marketing strategy. You must have used some digital marketing services, but you should accurately use them to see the best results. Some of the digital marketing services include:

  • Web Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization( SEO)
  • Pay Per Click(PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Writing(Blogging), etc.
  • Why is digital marketing essential?

Yes, it is not only essential but compulsory to rule the digital media and create brand awareness among your targeted audience. Here are ten significant points to support our statement. Continue reading and know about the importance of a perfect online marketing strategy.

Your customers are online-

Your potential customers are online and probably searching for you. If they cannot find you, they will advance to another similar website. With the reliance jio launching a budget 4G data in India, more customers shifted online. No one bothers to move around the door to door; instead, they search the product or service online.

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Nowadays, 85% of smartphone users in India spend their leisure time on the social network. Who knows, you can find the appropriate customers over there. You can communicate with a lot of customers interested in your business niche and understand what all requirements they have.

You can expand your business here because you can get more considerable audience coverage without much effort. Though your customers are interested in your offline business, the first thing they will do is search for you online. When you are not online, your audience will not trust your brand. Brand recognition comes with online brand visibility.

Your Competitors are online-

If you are avoiding digital marketing because of some reason, you are losing your customers to your competitors. It is high time to buckle up and start your online business. You will give your business competitors a tough competition, the same way you do for your offline business.

Competitors are not those who you want to defeat. They are Someone who teaches you something and what is mainly working in your business niche. You strongly need to follow your competitors to understand the online trend as they have already made a web presence.

When you follow your competitors, you will understand why they have shifted toward digital marketing. Which digital marketing strategy they follow?

How to communicate with potential customers? How the competitors get the relevant audience to reach? Do your competitors use blogging to rank? You will get all the answers when you start your digital networking.

Increase brand recognition-

When you search for a product or service, do you purchase from the first site you visit?

Actually, the answer is no, and you will not just purchase. You will read the online reviews and decide if you are sure to purchase. After the detailed study, you finally decide.

Similarly, when your targeted customers search you and have a wrong impression about your company. Even adverse, they do not even catch insight of you. Do you think they will opt for you to purchase when there are thousands of other sites to choose from?

You will obviously want brand awareness and trust among your audience. The key to achieving your visitors' trust is to be visible online. The easiest way to improve visibility is content marketing.


Digital marketing is a highly cost-effective method when compared to the traditional marketing approach. You do not need to advertise your products or services in newspapers, banners, posters, radios, or television. You need to sit comfortably and plan a layout to carry out your digital marketing.

Just decide the digital marketing platform, fix a budget, hire a digital marketer, and relax. The professional will look after the rest. In this process, you will save yourself from the tedious work of printing and spreading brand awareness.

With Search Engine Optimization, content strategy, social media marketing, and influencer marketing, you will get the maximum results with the minimum revenue spent.

Increase Conversion rates-

Through Digital Marketing, PPC Ad campaigns, you can target specific keywords to generate revenue for your business. The keywords you choose should be carefully selected because you have to pay for every click to Google.

Choosing the most targeting keywords can save you a lot of money and increase your conversion rates. For instance, you have a bakery in Kolkata, you have chosen Bakery in India as your keyword. But you cannot supply your products in the whole of India. You can here select a more relevant keyword like Bakery in Kolkata.

In this process, you can supply your product to any and everyone visiting you. This will increase your conversion rates because you can get traffic instantly and sell your products as they are genuinely interested in your business.

Gain the attention of smartphone users-

Around 85% of mobile device users use smartphones. With Digital marketing, you can get a responsive design for your website. Responsive design means the website adjusts its layout as per the screen. The website is in the landscape on the desktop, whereas it is in a portrait on a mobile phone.

Moreover, smartphone users are available on different social media. You can target them with social media marketing. Social media is vividly used among the audience of all business niche. You just need to target relevant customers to increase your online presence and sales.

To gain smartphone users' attention, you must use digital marketing platforms to connect your potential customers.

Monitor your campaigns-

Unlike traditional marketing, you can monitor your digital marketing campaigns and calculate your business growth over some time. All online campaigns are easily trackable.

When you invest your time and money, you will want to know how it benefits your business. In traditional marketing, you have to ask every customer to visit your store about the details they got about your business.

In digital marketing, you can access all the data and do not need to annoy your customers with all the questions. You can measure your ROI with the campaign you run and change your strategy as and when required.


You can mainly target a bunch of people who will genuinely turn into your customers. This approach is called Laser targeting.

Like laser lights target a particular point. Similarly, Laser-targeting targets a group of people with the most specific keywords relevant to your business. You should target on the qualitative audience instead of quantitative traffic.


Re-targeting is a blessing to digital marketing. You can target the audience who previously shown interest in your business. You will not require to pay an extra penny to target them.

Digital marketing helps you target them repeatedly with different approaches and convince them to trust your visitors into your brand and convert them into your customers.


Digital marketing is time-based advertising. You can start, end, and re-start any campaign whenever you want to switch. This is to help you know the importance of online campaigns.

You do not need to run a campaign for a long duration. You can even switch your mode of targeting within a month. You can use the trial and error method until you succeed in targeting your potential customers.

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