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With almost everything going online, it is high time to get your business online. Get your business website designed from the best web design agency in Kolkata. Promote your business from the leading Social media marketing company. Rank better on Google with SEO and PPC. Nothing is complete without proper content writing Services. Why worry about getting any of these? DotCreative- the best digital marketing company is one solution for all the digital marketing services.

about digital marketing agency in kolkata
About Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

About Digital Marketing

DotCreative is the best digital marketing company in Kolkata that offers an array of digital marketing services. We have a specialized team that can look after web design, web development, SEO, PPC advertising campaigns, content writing, and many more.

Social Media Marketing is one of our primary digital marketing services where our professionals look after Facebook Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Instagram Marketing, E-mail marketing, etc.

A website is an essential thing to start your online business. But having a website is useless if it is not visible to your targeted audience. While building a website, you must have thought of generating revenue from it, so you need to work hard and achieve it.

It is challenging to rank your website because of the enormous competition, but it is not impossible. You can make your dream come true. SEO plays a vital role in your site rankings. You need to hire an SEO professional who will properly analyze your business niche and accordingly plan a layout of what to do.

We do the best to give you result-driven results and always aim to grow your brand and generate revenues. We have a dedicated, skilled, and creative team in every sphere who knows the best of their department. We are brimming with unique ideas to take your brand and business to reach a new height of success.

Our Process

Our Digital Marketing Process

Being a top digital marketing agency, it takes a rigorous effort of our team. We work hard for our clients' businesses to reach the next heights. Our team continuously carries on their Research and Development to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and methods which we use to reach the top and dominate the online business.

  1. Research - We start with the research. Whenever we get any new query, the first thing we do is to get all the details about the business niche. We study the trend that the competitors follow to rank. Then our effective teamwork hard and plan a layout.
  2. Competitor Analysis - After the strategy is prepared. Our team looks after all the possible aspects to improve your brand recognition. We do an in-depth analysis to see the best opportunities to meet the desired goals. Our experts will create a digital roadmap to meet your expectations.
  3. Strategy and Implementation - Based on the research and analysis. Our professionals will prepare a final approach and discuss it with you. If you approve of the plan, we will go for final implementation. Our team will closely look after every move of the competitors and accordingly amend our strategy.
  4. Optimization and Results - The strategy we prepare is always result-oriented. We prepare the layout that is 100% effective. You will see the visible results in a short time duration because of our full proof planning, research, strategy, amendment, and final implementation.
Digital Marketing Process
Digital Marketing Process
Why DotCreative ?

For Digital Marketing Service

Website design agency kolkata
Web Design

Whenever a visitor comes on the website, he just stays there for a few seconds. You have only those moments to catch the visitor's attention and make him stay a bit longer. DotCreative is a top web design agency, who designs a website according to the business niche. Our websites have a responsive design that is UI/UX friendly. The visitors will love your website because of its creativity, content, and loading speed.

Web Development services
Web Development

Beside Web design, web development plays a vital role in creating an internet presence. Suppose a website is designed creatively, but after development, it does not portray what it should. All the efforts go in vain. DotCreative develops a website that is backed by innovations. Our experts use the best techniques and, with customized inputs, delivers the best outcome. An e-commerce website is a direct online sales method, which is only useful if it is developed accurately.

seo services

When you build a site for your company, it takes a lot of effort. Along with investing money, it takes energy, time, and strength. You cannot afford to compromise its SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a process where the professionals get your website organically rank on Google through proper keywords research, link building, and blogging. DotCreative correctly analyzes your business niche and studies your competitors' moves to get the relevant keywords to reach your potential customers. It is of two types On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

Content Writing services kolkata
Content Writing

Content can either make or break your business. It is the content of any website that plays the primary role in its success. How good your web design is? It will no longer be important if you do not have engaging content. Visitors visiting your website in search of the information will leave empty-handed. DotCreative helps you write unique, engaging, and SEO friendly content for better engagement of your audience.

Social Media Marketing agency
Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter are some of the most used social networking platforms. A business can reach a broad targeted audience through these social media. DotCreative manages your different social media handles to optimize tour business, grow your audience, and increase conversion rates. Engaging visitors and building relationships is the key influence of our company. We study your business niche and target the relevant customers to reach your site in both organic and paid search.

YouTube Marketing
YouTube Marketing

YouTube is immensely popular for any video uploads. Your audience spends the maximum time on YouTube while watching videos. Creating short videos to describe your products and services is a great way to reach more audiences. DotCreative uploads the videos on YouTube and runs the paid promotions to reach the relevant audience. We know your business niche and the audience interested in your industry. We will specifically target them so that you get the best results in minimum investment.


To rank your website in short time duration, you can go for Paid Advertising campaigns with the keywords relevant to your business. But choosing relevant keywords is difficult. You need to select the keywords that precisely suits your business niche. The words that can drive traffic which can convert into clients. DotCreative knows it well to do it. When you choose us, we run the paid campaign on the keywords that do not organically rank your site.

Web Hosting services
Web Hosting

Getting access to your website through the World Wide Web(www) is featured by web Hosting and can easily be purchased with the help of DotCreative. We provide hosting space for your website, depending on your budget and requirement. Hosting is a space that allows your website to be visible among your audience. Without a hosting space, you will not be featured on the World Wide Web. We provide the authenticated web hosting on a shared basis, ensuring that your data is not misused.


Digital Marketing FAQ

1. Why do I need digital marketing?

The trend has shifted from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Thus to cope up with your competitors, you must do Digital marketing. The way you provide tough competition in the physical store, the same way you can give competition online through digital marketing.

2. What kind of digital marketing can benefit my business?

Depending on your industry type, we do proper research and analysis and finally decide your layout. Suppose if you are from the entertainment industry, you can opt for YouTube marketing. Similarly, if you want to do business online, you can get an e-commerce website. Come and talk to us and let us help you with a better marketing plan after knowing your business niche.

3. How long does it take to work?

When you are going for any paid promotions, you can instantly see the visible results. But organic marketing takes time to deliver results. Nobody can say the accurate time for getting the results. Generally, you start to see the results in 2-3 months.

4. Why is digital marketing important?

With everything going online, we know the importance of creating an online presence. Digital marketing is the only process to reach a relevant audience. When you do digital marketing, you can target your existing customers and let the new customers find you.

5. How much does digital marketing costs?

There is no fixed cost to it. It depends on the digital marketing service you choose. But you need not worry because we have cost-effective budgets to promote the small business as well.

6. Can traditional marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies work simultaneously?

Yes, if it is carried out correctly. Traditional marketing will complement digital marketing. Traditional marketing will help you reach your offline customers. In contrast, digital marketing will reach your customers online and ultimately boost your sales and turnover.

7. What does a digital marketing agency do?

A digital marketing agency will study your business niche and accordingly plan out a strategy that will be result-driven. After research and development, the work starts, and with the growth, the change in plan continues. In the end, the main aim is to grow your business and increase your sales.

8. Why choose DotCreative as your Digital Marketing agency?

DotCreative offers all the digital marketing services under one roof. You can combine the digital marketing services you want and get an affordable package from us. After we take upon a clients' digital marketing, we make a monthly digital report that you can also have access to and see the traffic and reach improvement from the start to date. Client satisfaction is our main aim, so if you choose us, you will get the best results in a limited time.

Digital Marketing FAQ
Digital Marketing FAQ

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