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graphic design services are equally important as website design. Having a website is compulsory in this world of digital marketing. But everything goes in vain when images and aesthetic art designs are not appealing. When a user visits a website, the first he notices is your company's logo design, so you need to have a creative logo design to capture the user's attention. We are the best graphic design company in Kolkata that looks after your brand identity in a creative way. Grow your brand online with the best designs that suit your business niche.

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About graphic Design

Hire Professional graphic Designer in Kolkata for every business type

Being a leading graphic design company in Kolkata, we can say that it is not merely a service but a feeling; that connects the visitors with your online presence. You can get a wide range of services from our graphic designers to be it for social media creative design, logo design, business card design, letterhead design, print design, and others.

Design development is not at all an easy task. You need to keep in mind your customers' requirements and accordingly draft a final piece for approval. Appealing videos, expressive images, and graphic; is what makes your brand grow and increases your potential buyer's list.

With better graphic, you can easily engage your customers and help them understand what your products are! We can help you out with this; we can beautifully represent your thoughts and execute your theme into reality with our high-quality designs to engage your audience for a better return on investment.

Our Process

The cycle, we follow for graphic design services.

DotCreative offers a full-service range for graphic design. From being a top logo design company in Kolkata, we excel in every field to meet your demands. Talking in the air is not that big deal, but we follow a lengthy process to deliver what is actually required for any graphic design.

It is quite important as it :

  1. Define: The first step begins with your definition. It is you; who needs to describe your requirements and business niche. Your work ends here, from here we take up and understand what actually needs to be done.
  2. Research: After getting your requirements, we study your business niche and see what can actually get a more engaging audience. After thorough research, we finally see what type of design is required for your business.
  3. Brainstorming: In this step, we thoughtfully merge your requirements with our research and finally decide on colour combinations. Colours play a really important role in the graphic, so we need to choose the contrasts as per the brand logo.
  4. Design: Finally, we execute the thought from our mind in a frame. Here we finally design the creative in our software and do all the necessary changes, once a design is completed.
  5. Client review: We send the design to our clients and ask for their feedback. If everything is okay, we move on to our next step, but if our client needs any more changes in the creative, our team will follow up and do the changes.
  6. Finalize: After everything is done, the design is finalized upon receiving approval from our clients. We send the final soft copy to our clients, and our work ends here.
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Why DotCreative?

For graphic designing services

Among so many graphic design firms; why you should prioritize us? Not only because we are a top graphic design company but also because of the services we offer. Here is the full list of graphic design services you can opt for:

Website UI design

Website Draphics Design

When it comes to a website, the look matters the most; you must have an engaging design that grabs the users attention. We at DotCreative looks after UI design along with creative slider design, Icon design and image optimization with proper editing.

logo design company in kolkata

Logo Design

Having a unique and relevant logo for your company is essential because a logo creates your brand identity, which you cannot avoid. At DotCreative, we design a logo that matches your business niche and is attractive enough to mark its impression on the viewer.

dotcreative Business Card Design company in kolkata

Business Card Design

Attractive business card with relevant contact information can make a big difference lead your way among your competitors. DotCreative takes the initiative to prepare a professionally designed custom visiting card for your business to get your proposed client's undivided attention to boost your brand's strategy.

Letter Head Design services in kolkata

Letter Head Design

When you send letters, invoices, and notes on your company's letterhead; you gain reliability and trust from your customers. We help you out with this; we prepare the customized letterhead for every business type that provides and expensive touch to your business.

Print Design agency in kolkata

Print Design

We design any and everything that your business may need for advertising purposes. Everything is printable and comes in the customized sizes as per requirements. We design banners, brochures, flex, billboards, flyers, posters, etc., to improve your marketing strategy and grow your business.

Social Media Creative Design company in kolkata

Social Media Creative Design

Being a top digital marketing agency, we know the importance of social media. Every now and then we search for everything on social media; so you need to have an attractive social media timeline. We design the creatives for posts on social media, profile pictures and cover photos of Facebook.

Print design services for standy, Flex, Banner, Brochures and others
Print Design Services
Print Design Services

Print design services company in kolkata

There are many different services that come under this category; any printable design comes under this section of graphic design services.

  1. Banners: DotCreative wants to help businesses display their products and services more beneficially and attractively. Get our affordable and compelling banner designing services in Kolkata and become recognized.
  2. Posters: Being the most reliable graphic Design Agency in Kolkata, we deliver the perfect posters for promotion purposes. We put all our efforts and work dedicatedly for the client we have been hired for.
  3. Flex: Although it is an old technique but is an effective way to build your brand globally. Our graphic designers' team works hard in our design studio to formulate beautiful flex designs that are sufficient to produce more sales for you.
  4. Brochures: Brochures are known to be a great source of communication between the organization and its customers. DotCreative mentions all the company's details and its services that you want to display on the brochure to ensure that it delivers added business.
  5. Billboards: Our graphic designers plan and design Billboards for every business niche to display the creativity in all nooks and corners of the country. The striking letters will precisely highlight your company in the most convincible manner.
  6. Flyers Our graphic designers consider in delivering the best design in every project. We offer personalized flyer design service in Kolkata and bring supremacy in every endeavour. Hire us and get an accurate flyer for your business with all the essential information in it.

graphic designing Services FAQ

1. Why I need graphic design for my business?

When you showcase your products or services, the first thing that gains the viewers' attention is the design. You need to have an appealing design for a better marketing strategy. Be it web design, social media posts, banners, brochures, or even logo design.

2. Why do I need to hire a graphic designer?

You must be thinking of designing it yourself. Using software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop is not difficult, but you need to study market trends that get more engagements and design the artwork accordingly. Thus you need to hire a professional graphic designer for the same.

3. Is the artwork our property once paid for?

Yes, obviously, once the final payment is made, we will remove the watermark and send the final file to you. The design then after is under your copyright and you can use it as per your requirements.

4. What are your charges for logo design services?

Depending upon the business niche and requirements, our logo designing charges vary between INR 800-1,000. The amount may fluctuate after the final call is made with the client.

5. What if I do not like the design you prepared?

We are quite sure that this situation will not arise. But in case if you do not like the artwork, we will amend the design as per your likes and dislikes.

6. How will I receive the finalized design?

After the final payment, we will transfer the files on your respective email and send a copy on WhatsApp documents.

7. Will you give a free mockup design?

We know you may want a free sample design. But this is against our policy; we will not prepare a mockup design. For reference purpose, you can see our portfolio of the designs we have prepared earlier.

8. How long do you take to deliver the project?

We generally require a different time duration for various graphic design services, but we deliver the projects under emergency with extra nominal charges. The duration of some of our design services are:

  1. Logo design: 3-4 Days
  2. Web Design: 4-5 week
  3. Print design: 2-3 Days
  4. Business card design: 1-2 Days
  5. Letterhead design: 1-2 Days

For futher changes please cordinate

graphic design services faq
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