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Social media is a great platform to advertise your business with an affordable budget. Social media marketing is not just about posting on different social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It is a lot more than that. You need to hire a professional social media marketing agency that analyzes your business niche and accordingly plans a layout. DotCreative provides the best social media marketing services in Kolkata and promotes your business through Facebook marketing, Instagram promotions, YouTube marketing, and many more.

Why DotCreative?

Why should you hire DotCreative as your Social Media Marketing agency in Kolkata?

When your business gets online, the first thing you hear about is to get Facebook Marketing services to get your brand visible among your targeted audience. It is not only Facebook Marketing services but overall social media marketing services that you should opt for. You cannot decide if you can find your audience through Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. You need the best Social Media Marketing Company to take over the task and prepare the perfect social media marketing strategy to boost your business. Here is why you need to hire us the best social media marketing agency in Kolkata.

Content creation
Content Creation

We believe in unique and engaging content creation. Hashtags play an important role here. So we take up the work on our shoulders to deliver the best engaging hashtags for the posts on social media platforms.

Creative Design
Creative Design

On social media, you need to tempt your audience with something attractive. The matter in your post is secondary; the design is primary. If they like the design, they will engage and try to understand your post.

Niche Analysis
Niche Analysis

When you choose us, we promise the best social media marketing services in Kolkata and around the country. The first thing we need to do is do a proper niche and audience analysis to begin our work.

24/7 support
24/7 Support

Though we are providing any social media marketing service, be it Facebook marketing service or, say, youtube marketing service. It does not matter; we are always ready to solve any of our client's technical errors.

Customized packages
Customized Packages

We have customized packages for a different types of social media marketing services. If you are taking up Facebook marketing services in Kolkata, we charge a certain amount which varies with the services you add on.

Monthly Growth report
Monthly Growth Report

Being a social media marketing agency in Kolkata, we know how important it is to track your business growth. We create a monthly growth report for our client's to give them an accurate knowledge of the journey they covered from the start.

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Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing

Know the importance of Social Media Marketing company to get facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, etc.)

Having a significant social media presence is a must to promote your business online. Social media presence is not only about posting on different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. To create a strong presence of your brand, you need to get Social Media marketing done. We being the best social Media marketing agency knows the importance of Social media marketing.

What is social media marketing?

The answer to this, it is a Marketing procedure where an SMM agency like us design creatives and develop attractive content posted on your business page of social media. It is basically a technique to draw traffic to your website and convert visitors into your customers.

Social media marketing uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to promote either your website or the products or services that your business offers. As a leading Social Media marketing company in Kolkata, we know the importance of maintaining a social reputation to get good traffic.

With the increasing competition on every social media platform, it becomes quite difficult for you to choose the right social media marketing company. We promise to create a strong strategy with quality ads and design creatives to attract the customers.

Why do you need to

Get Social Media marketing

Social media marketing is trending way of advertising. If you need to advertise your product or service, this is the best place to get the results in a short time span. Many people use social media to search for the things they want, and others use it to time pass. Most people around the globe use it. You need to correctly target your audience and gain traffic from marketing on Social Media, which is conveniently done by our experts in marketing.

Here are the benefits that prove Social media marketing as an important platform.

  1. Get customers on Social Media- With a bulk of people using social media, regardless of your business niche, you will get your customers here. It would be best if you kept them attracted that you are their first choice whenever they need it.
  2. People searching for your company - There are the audiences who searches for the products or services related to your company on social media. Your presence over there makes you a preferred option, which you may lose it you aren’t present on Social media.
  3. People talking about your company- You need to listen to what your customers have to say about your company on social media. To monitor and reciprocate, you must accept strong points and develop your weak point to develop your skills further.
  4. Paid advertisement- With this feature of Social Media marketing you can target more customers, without much effort you can convey your message and discuss about your products or services sitting at your home with many persons at the same time.
Why do you need to get Social Media marketing?
Why do you need to get Social Media marketing?
DotCreative Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Marketing Strategy
Research and Audit

Improve your social media marketing strategy with the best social media marketing company in Kolkata

We go through previous activities on your social media and accordingly research everything for you. We understand what is right for your business and after a rigorous analysis of your competitors' profile. We make a proper layout.

  1. Ad management and optimization - Advertisements on social media can boost your online presence. You get good traffic to your website. We also run different social media campaigns to increase your product visibility to the depicted group of people for better results.
  2. Custom strategy-The results we get from our research will be kept in front of you with our budget consideration. By following a custom approach, we as the top social media marketing company provide you with a plan that you must follow to gain your business goals and achieve what you dreamt.
  3. Business growth - Your business will grow with our strategy and custom approach. This is a time taking process, but you need to be cautious about your business. You must follow the plan and post regularly to engage your customers and access them whenever required.
  4. Performance tracking - Every strategy is prepared as per your business need and with the current marketing strategy. We run campaigns for boosting your online business. We keep track of the things we do and record of the growth. Which is discussed with you at regular intervals.
  5. Transparent reporting - The monthly report we generate is genuinely what the promotion has brought us. We do not exaggerate the things to bring our name in the good books. It is a time taking process, the results of which you will see in due course of time.
DotCreative process

The work process that DotCreative follows for social media marketing services to grow your brand

  1. Complete analysis : First of all, we analyze your business, it's a niche, and the competition. The report of which we prepare and accordingly put forward the budget that can bring change on your social media page. The strategy which we make can reduce the gap between your mission and vision.
  2. Attracting your audience : You need to target the right audience, that is a difficult task. We make it easy for you; we will help you identify the audience that can be the right choice. Working in this sphere for over a decade, we know the audience's decision according to the business niche.
  3. Engaging your audience : The creative made by us and the content written is for engaging the audience. We know keeping the audience intact is a challenging task due to the competition. We deliver the product and service of your company to the relevant audience to choose you over your competitors.
  4. Growing your audience : We as the best social media marketing agency,use different social media campaigns to expand your audience and reach more audiences. Our team is always updated with the latest technologies and uses the best tool to promote your social media page. Our plan is always to grow your audience with unique strategies.
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Social Media Marketing Working Process
What We Offer?

To get the best social media marketing services

After going through the benefits, you must be sure to get Social Media marketing done for your company. Here is the full list of services that we offer.

Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing

Facebook, undoubtedly the most used social media platform, plays a significant role in marketing. DotCreative, a trusted Facebook marketing company, will run campaigns on Facebook to target more customers. We will run campaigns for your objective to promote your Facebook page and, ultimately, your business. We keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and works accordingly for your business promotion on Facebook

Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing

Instagram got immense popularity these days. A lot of customers are available online because this social media is used by youth. They are more inclined towards Instagram, and to get their attention. You need to market your product on Instagram. We are professional in handling Instagram. We create posts that are engaging and sure to get attention that promotes your products and services widely.

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn marketing

It a platform where everyone talks about business. This is the place to discuss about your company. You get here to find business partners, employees, suppliers, and customers who are genuinely interested in doing business. We create well-established campaigns to promote blog posts, ebooks, and other offers that bring you, related customers to your business. We identify your business niche and develop informative content that helps in determining purchase decisions

Twitter marketing

Twitter marketing

Twitter marketing is important for creating brand awareness. Many users tweet about your business, and a single tweet can make your brand go viral. We know how to use this marketing to get the best results. We set goals, understand competition, find a relevant audience, and ultimately boost your social media presence. We use the latest marketing techniques to keep our customers updated in marketing their brand.


Social Media Marketing FAQ

1. Why should I use social media?

Let us understand that the world has gone social. The people spending time online spend almost 30% time on Social Media. To interact with the bulk on Social media, here you can get an audience for every business niche.

2. Will Social media management work for my type of Business?

Surely it will work for you. You will get relevant audiences for every type of Business. This is the best place to display your products and services to the mass audience at the same time.

3. Can you increase leads for my Business?

We sure can do this. Our experts work day and night effortlessly not only to target audience but to drive them to your website and ultimately into a sales conversion.

4. How many followers can you get me?

There cannot be a fixed number to it. The followers grow consistently from hundreds to thousands as per your Ad budget and competition in your industry.

5. How long does it take to see results?

To get immediate results is practically impossible. It is a time taking process. After the work starts, in the first 30 days, you will get more post engagement, such as likes, share, views, and followers. You will get lead generation and ultimately in the following 3-4 months. But we prefer you to at least wait for 6 months to view your actual sale conversion.

6. Can you create social media accounts for me?

Yes, obviously, we can help you in creating different social media accounts. Our professionals dedicatedly work to provide our clients with a hassle-free service. All the credentials will be shared with you, and you can manage them whenever you want.

7. Do you monitor the pages for comments, reviews, and messages?

Yes, Our team professional working as your social media manager will monitor the comments, reviews, and messages. We will directly answer the question or reply immediately to what we know. In case we don’t know about the query, we will inform you to answer the question asked.

8. Can I delete bad reviews or comments from my social media?

Deleting a review is not possible. You can ban certain words from the account, which will not be displayed on your page. On the other hand, deleting comments is possible, but when working with us, you won’t have to bother about the question and expect only good comments and reviews on your page.

9. How much does your service cost?

There is no such fixed cost to it. Our price chart depends on the research and analysis done by our experts on your business niche. For any further query, please contact.

10. Do I need to deliver you the content?

It is not compulsory for you to provide the content. We have a designated content developer who dedicatedly frames engaging content that suits the creative design and your product or service.

Social Media Marketing FAQ faq
Social Media Marketing FAQ

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