What Is Digital Marketing And Its Importance?

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What is Digital Marketing and its importance?

Digital Marketing is a very frequently heard word whenever you discuss online marketing practices. Everyone suggests you; take up digital marketing services to boost your online presence and grow your business. But most of you are still confused about what exactly is digital marketing and the importance of digital marketing.

So we thought, why not clear your concept and give you a clearer picture of traditional marketing v/s digital marketing. When we use digital media for advertising products or services, it is called digital marketing. But the concept is not that simple as it sounds. It is a vast concept that includes varied services, such as social media marketing, content marketing, video marketing, search engine optimization, etc.

On the other hand, traditional marketing is the old marketing method where through billboards, hoardings, or television Ads, we advertise our products or services. It is somehow becoming dead as most of us spend our leisure time scrolling our mobile phones. 

But we cannot totally ignore the traditional marketing techniques; we need to blend our strategy and improve our digital marketing strategies for conversion rate optimization.

Let us describe each service in detail for a clearer picture of why you need digital marketing and particularly the service; you must have a firm grip to catch hold of the market.

  • Social media marketing: Often confused as digital marketing, it is just a part of it. For more in-depth knowledge, read How social media marketing differs from digital marketing. Coming back to our discussion, using this marketing technique, you are continuously posting and communicating on social media, creating brand awareness and ultimately boost your conversion rates.
  • Search engine optimization: You must have a website first to rank for particular keywords on search engines and get the search results for your website. Here organically, the marketing team works to rank a website on any search engine. Before taking up SEO services, you must want to know how exactly SEO works? The answer to it is quite complicated, so we have a separate blog on this topic. But in short, Search Engine Optimization SEO Works based on artificial intelligence, which monitors everything you do to rank your website.
  • E-mail marketing: Another important service which you cannot ignore. Though normal persons think it to be dead as we consider not everyone reads the mails, but it is not the case, it still drives the most genuine traffic who are genuinely interested in your business. Here are some of the Important e-mail marketing strategies for 2021. It will help you make a robust marketing strategy to get a lead generation.
  • Content Marketing: As everyone knows, content is the king, so you need to focus on the content you are using in any other marketing service. Content does not always mean the written copy, but it also includes images, videos, GIFs, or any other version you use to deliver some information. The content must be unique, engaging, and eye-captivating to capture the audience's attention to scroll down further.
  • Video Marketing: Though this marketing technique does not directly bring customers, it undoubtedly improves your online image and grows brand awareness. When you regularly post videos related to your business, the online viewers will get to know more about your business. It will get them as customers whenever they need the product o service related to your industry.

These are some of the digital marketing services that you cannot tend to ignore. Apart from these are some of the other digital marketing services that you should know as every business niche requires various digital marketing services. To get detailed information about the types of digital marketing services, you must read " What is digital marketing and types of marketing campaigns."

After understanding digital marketing and its type, we want you to learn the importance of it. In simple terms, we want to tell you digital marketing is the future of marketing. You cannot imagine promoting your business without getting into it. Here are some of the primary importance we want you to jot down:

  • Cost-effective: It is one of the affordable marketing practices. As compared to billboards, hoarding, or even television ads, you need to comparatively low and get better results. For most of the services, all you need to do is pay the digital marketer, and in some, you require to run advertisements that charge nominal compared to traditional marketing.
  • Build a reputation for your brand: Whenever you are here, it means you are present online, which lets a varied group of persons from different localities recognize your brand and appreciate your product or work. Following this way, you slowly but surely build your brand's reputation among your ideal customers with your excellent work.
  • Reach more people: Just by sitting at home, you can convey your message to a large group which is not possible in traditional marketing. The audience here will be more genuine who will want to get either your product or service. Thus it is comfortable yet the high profit-making process to follow.
  • Flexibility: There are varied options here, and you can conveniently shift your one marketing method to another as per the marketing trends and benefits. No other marketing media is this flexible; you need to stay on that media for the allotted time and not opt-out before that.
  • Increase your customer base: When you are online, and you are targeting an interested audience, you will obviously increase your customers. All you need to do is continuously be online and clear the doubts they have. Ask for their feedback and appreciation for positive responses and support for the negative ones.
  • Target ideal audience: You can target the audience based on demographics, age, gender, profession, and others. It can be done in social media marketing, e-mail marketing, and SEO; just the difference is you can filter your audience in different ways in all the different marketing methods.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors: Most of your competitors are online to date, so you cannot afford to lose a hefty amount of customers to your competitors. So why not shift your marketing strategy towards online marketing. It helps you stay ahead of your competitors and target the audience which your competitors might have been targeting. Do not leave any option for your competitors to surpass your business profit and be the number one. 
  • Engagement with mobile customers: Around 90% of the online users use the internet on their mobile devices, and you need to target those customers to get an extensive potential client list. Using digital marketing, you can easily target those mobile customers who are always busy surfing their mobile phones. They will not see the billboard's advertisement but opt for online purchases while scrolling the smart device.
  • Track the growth: You can keep a record of the growth from your online presence. There are specific tools that are used to track the growth record. It is not possible to do the same in traditional marketing. So you can visibly see the results and decide to carry on or discontinue your marketing strategy. But we will suggest you check the growth report atleast 3-6 months after the initial start to see the report's growth.

These are some of the main reasons that can benefit your business and let it grow. Before going more into it, read the digital marketing trends for 2021 for preparing a better marketing strategy.

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