Routine To Follow For Work From Home During Covid-19

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Routine To Follow For Work From Home During Covid-19

If you are already habitual in working from home or as a virtual assistant, this time during the pandemic is more or less the same. But for those who are forced to work from home because of this COVID-19 pandemic, it may be quite challenging.

First of all, you have to understand that working from an office and working from home is far too different spheres. Working from your comfort zone leads to less efficiency.

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In my several years of experience in this industry, I have learned that many men and women think that those working from home as Virtual Assistants are having the best time of their life. It can be said that they are enjoying their life to the optimum. Though they could have more flexibility, it takes so much self-discipline and control to have the ability to work effectively from home.

If you're "forced" to work from home since your company requires you to do so for safety and health reason, then there will be a great deal of adjustments for you. As this is totally new for you and instead of delivering the best, your work quality can reduce. 

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Tere are some advice from the virtual assistants to help you out in working from home efficiently.

1. Adhere to a schedule - Yes, working from home can be very disorienting, so be sure you stick to your everyday routine. Wake up at the same time as before. Prepare your food at the same time. Get ready at the same time and then be at your working mode at precisely the same time as your office.

2. Set-up your home office- It's very important that you have an area in your home that can be set up as your office. It must, at least, have the look of an office and also the feel of an office. This will make you in a mindset to work.

Another good thing for this is that you will keep yourself (hopefully) away from any distractions and work with full concentration.

3. Have a Rest - Just like you've got a morning break, lunch break, and an afternoon break in your office, it's also important that you don't overstress yourself.

Working from home can induce you to work more than you're expected. This can make you less efficient in the coming days. Be sure to take breaks and relax your mind.

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4. Socialize - I understand that, together with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are counseled not to have so many social gatherings. However, most of us need to talk to someone. Any Virtual Assistants know this.

You may socialize with your co-workers or colleagues through Skype or Hangouts. When you choose your break or when you're finished with work, take some time to talk with friends but make sure that you are disciplined enough not to be diverted by it.

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We really hope that what's occurring around the world will soon neutralize and everything will only go back to normal. As of now, this is the safest way for you, your family, and for everyone. That is why it is crucial that you gradually embrace this way of working.

The sooner you learn, the better you get. It is the high time to start focusing on our work from home routine and deliver the best to our clients in this crisis. This is what DotCreative does, and this is what we expect from all of you.

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