Is It Important For An SEO To Be A Good Content Writer?

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Is it important for an SEO to be a good content writer?SEO and content writing are two different fields in Digital Marketing. If you are into digital marketing, you need to handle both SEO and content writing to get your online business to reach new heights of success. Both the ingredients are essential to make your digital marketing strategy work.

What is SEO, and how it works?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process to get your website rank on a search engine for the desired keyword. Being a top SEO company in Kolkata, we can say that your website is of no use if you do not get it on the top of search results. For instance, if you own a website that deals in cosmetic products, you must get it rank for keywords like lipstick, nail paint, cosmetic item shop, etc. It will help you improve your website visibility are target direct customers who are genuinely interested in the products you sell.

When you create a website, you need to keep in mind that the website is SEO optimized. The content created for the website must be SEO friendly with the relevant keywords depicting the products and services of the website. 

It is now time for the search engines crawlers to crawl the page and find out the purpose of the website. Accordingly, they will keep a record in their database. Once a customer searching for the products or services you sell enters the keyword, these crawlers will check their database and display your website as per the relevance. Thus it is important to have adequately framed content that improves your website ranking. But SEO is not solely about content. You need to look after On-page, Off-page, and technical SEO. The other factors that SEO includes are page speed, backlinks, internal linking, schema markup, navigation, and user experience.

What is content writing, and why is it important?

Content Writing is an entirely different arena, but it is equally important. You cannot ignore content writing if you are into online business. Content is termed as the king, and every digital marketing strategy revolves around the content. By saying content, we never mean it to be written content. It can be any form of content starting from web content, video, images, GIFs, blogs, reviews, podcasts, etc. 

You need to use the content to target the audience to convey your message to them appropriately. All you need to do is check the preference of your targeted audience and frame content accordingly.

But it is not always for the audience, but sometimes you have to frame content to let search engines crawl you and find you relevant for the search terms of the audience. 

All the content in your website must be crawlable that Google Crawlers understand. Otherwise, you will lag and lose your business to your competitors as the Google crawlers will not check your website. Working on the principle of AI(Artificial Intelligence), your website will lag behind.

Content Writing and SEO

Though it is not compulsory for a single person to know both the topics and work on them, it is somehow related, and you need to frame a team to execute your work smoothly. 

If you are an SEO analyst, you need to check various topics to work on; thus, it is impossible for you to frame content. Because while framing content, you need to keep in mind multiple things, such as:

  • Uniqueness: The content produced must be unique and not a copy of someone else's content. After all, when you copy someone's content, Google will detect it and remove it from search results. 
  • Grammatical error: The content you create must not have any grammatical errors, and thus you need to proofread the content at least two times to check for grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, if any. 
  • Presentation: The content must be presentable. By saying presentable, I mean to say that the written content must be properly decorated with bold and italics. If the content is in image format, you need to use proper graphics to get the feel and convey your message.
  • Engagement: You need to write the content in such a way that you engage with the audience. After reading the first line, the reader must be captivated to read your content further. So, it is not that easy to write engaging content that needs the attraction of the readers.
  • SEO: You have to write content that is SEO friendly with the required keywords. The content must have an adequate amount of keywords in your content and properly optimized titles, descriptions, and content.


You do not need to be a content writer if you are into SEO. But you need to have a content writer in your team who will frame content as per the SEO. Suppose you need to hire a content writer in Kolkata; in that case, you can contact DotCreative that is the best content writing company in Kolkata that deals with every sort of digital marketing company.

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