What Is Digital Marketing And How Can I Start To Work?

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Digital marketing is an advertising process performed through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. With these online media channels, digital marketing helps companies promote products, services, and brands. The presence of the Internet has made customers depend on digital mediums to research products. Google marketing insights discovered that 48% of consumers begin their inquiries on search engines, while 33% searches through brand websites and around 26% looks within mobile applications.

One cannot ignore having a strong digital marketing strategy because of the growing online presence of customers. Some of the main Digital Marketing Channels that you could include are:

  • Search Engine Marketing It comprises of two sections; search engine optimization (organic SEO) and paid search advertising(PPC).
  • Website Marketing Promote your website on the Internet.
  • Content Marketing Use of different types of content in your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Email Marketing Market your products or services using email.
  • Social Media Marketing Market on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks.
  • Mobile Marketing Market on the various App Stores (Google Play, Apple Store).
  • Video Marketing Market on YouTube and other video channels.
  • Affiliate Marketing Make sales by advertising other person’s products and get an affiliate commission.

After you understand what Digital Marketing is, you should decide if you need to start your career in Digital marketing. If yes, proceed with the blog further to get in-depth knowledge on how to get started. Here are ten things you can do to start a digital marketing career:

  • Get to know the basics of digital marketing: For beginners, the first obvious step is to understand the basics of digital marketing and the main components of digital marketing. Digital marketing, or online marketing as it is sometimes known, is a broad term used to describe marketing on the Internet. It has several parts that cover all the areas of online promotion. You need to understand that it is not a single sphere, but it has several channels to participate in a digital marketing campaign.
  • Create an Online Presence: These days, when it comes to getting a job in almost any field, you might not exist if you do not have a strong online presence. For obvious reasons, it is true to digital marketing as well. A prospective employer will look online first to learn about applicants, and if they can’t find you, they will move on to the next person who has a curated image. Create your digital marketing blog, link your social media accounts to the websites you have built, portfolios, etc. Make them realize what you are actually capable of.
  • Start your own website: Once you have built your online presence, the next step is to start practicing digital marketing. The best way to implement different digital marketing theories in the real world is on the website. It is not adequate to know the idea behind SEO and social media marketing, but you need to know how to implement the different techniques in custom.
  • Become an SEO Expert: You cannot think of a career in digital marketing if you do not have good knowledge of SEO. Firstly you need to become an SEO expert and build other required skills. With SEO, you will learn how to build websites that are loved by both users and search engines, and you can implement the same concept to improve your Google Ads and Facebook Ad campaigns. Develop your SEO skills and when you feel that you have a firm grip on SEO, continue with the rest.
  • Know the Latest Trends: Digital marketing is a career that is always changing. If you are adopting it as a career, you need to keep up with the latest trends and updates. The demands of this industry vary with time, and if you lag, someone else will be expecting to take your position. In fact, you should attend virtual seminars to stay ahead of the game rather than simply keeping up with it.
  • Get a Google Ads Certification: One of your job responsibilities as a digital marketing expert; is to run Google Ads to promote products or services on various search engines with their relevant keyword of a particular website. The fastest way to acquire the required knowledge is to get a Google Ad certification. Google has plenty of resources to help you become a Google Ad Expert, and getting a certificate from Google is an excellent way to prove to your clients or potential employers that you have accurate knowledge on the same.
  • Learn about Analytics: To know how successful your marketing campaigns are, you need to understand Google analytics or search engine analytics. The data shows how well or how inadequately a campaign is doing and helps you figure out how to make things beneficial the next time. You don’t have to go to college for a degree, but you can take many online classes in your leisure time that will help you acquire knowledge and understand how analytics work and how to use them.
  • Master Facebook Ads Advertising: The next step is to start with social media marketing. As a digital marketing professional, you need to understand how the different social media channels work. Still, you should spend the majority of your time and campaign budget on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook, the most used social media network, is now one of the essential tools for any digital marketing strategy.
  • Get a real internship: The only way you will get your profession working is through gaining experience. You may have to do some less paid jobs, but it is worth the time and investment for long-term benefits. Using any skills you get, help associates or community organizations with projects. You should take on all kinds of jobs that will give you the experience to draw on when you start implementing on long-term digital marketing jobs.
  • Learn to use Digital Marketing Tools: You need to learn how to use different digital marketing tools. When you become a digital marketing manager, you will have to handle a team of digital marketing experts. The only way to assess their work and check the progress of various projects at the same time is through these tools. A good tool will enable you to formulate dashboards for all projects and prepare meaningful reports to management or clients.

There are many good tools available. Although they are paid tools, consider the monthly fee as an investment for your career and add another great feature to your resume.

I hope this blog is helpful to you; for any further queries related to digital marketing services, you can contact DotCreative, a leading Digital Marketing company in Kolkata. You can call us on 7980358244 or email us at [email protected].

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