Tips For Logo Designing Of A Company

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Tips for logo designing of a company

The logo is a fundamental component of the company, so it needs to be appealing and attractive to capture the audience's attention. It is actually your brand identity, and it can't be so casual to forget. It must create a long-lasting impression on the visitors for better brand recognition.

Whether you opt for an online business or an offline one, a logo is destined to be a part of the company's identity. It plays a crucial part in generating brand awareness. All the top brand, such as Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and more, have their logos correctly placed in the website's left-hand corner. We just by looking at the logo, realize the company's name.

Such is the importance of a logo for the website. We at DotCreative offers logo design service across the globe and is here today to give you some life-saving tips to follow while designing a logo for your company.

  • Size of the Logo: While designing the logo, the primary thing that you must not avoid is the logo's size. It should neither be too small or too big. A small sized logo can be difficult to read, and it might become difficult for the visitors to get your brand's name in the first look, which can provide a bad user experience. While on the other hand, a big-sized logo seems odd as it captures a major area of the homepage, which makes the synchronization baffled. Also, all the other elements of the pages seem to be lost in front of the logo.
  • Repetition of words: The words in your company's logo must not be repetitive, as it indirectly affects the size of the logo. Try and avoid repetition and maintain a standard size of logo that fits your website slider accurately.
  • Uniqueness: Remember one thing that the logo must be unique. It can lead to serious legal actions if you try to copy the logo of some other company. Another important thing that you must follow is to get your company's logo registered to avoid plagiarism.
  • Clarity: Whenever you are choosing your brand's logo, make sure you do not leave a single perspective ignored, especially the logo's image file. The wrong size might turn the logo blurred, which again can lead to a big mishap. You can avoid this circumstance by taking your logo from the logo designer in PNG format instead of JPEG format. JPEG format can turn the logo hazy when the size is decreased.
  • Consistency: It is somewhat like the responsiveness of the website. Due to varied screen sizes, you need to maintain a proper logo consistency on all screen sizes, be it laptops, mobile phones, tablets, or others. It should not elongate or compress with different screen sizes. IF it so happens, it will negatively impact your brand's identity.
  • Placement: Your logo must look perfect. It should not cut off or miss from your landing page in any manner. Ensure your logo is in the best position, so no visitor can miss having a look at it. Why is the placement so important? Because without the presence of a logo, your audience will not be able to recognize you or visit your landing page. Along with that, make sure any of the characters do not cut from the frame. The logo should be very clear and easily readable.
  • Color Contrast: The color of the logo and its background should be in proper contrast to brightly display the logo. In the end, our main motto is to highlight the logo and create brand awareness. So while designing a logo, make sure that the color of the logo is different from that of the background and does not mix with the background color.
  • Attractiveness: The logo should be catchy enough to capture the visitors' attention in the first go. If it fails to capture the attention, you must assume that you have lost the battle even without fighting for it.

The logo should be attractive with clear and readable fonts that the viewers can easily read while visualizing your company's logo. 

After reading the full blog, you can get a logo designed for your company like a pro. Now you can easily depict the do's, and dont's for your company's logo. Get in touch with DotCreative and receive the best and professional logo design services you ever had. We have skilled and highly experienced graphic designers in Kolkata who will design the logo like a professional. You can contact us on 7980358244 or email us at [email protected].

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