Impact Of Corona Virus On Digital Marketing

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Impact Of Corona Virus On Digital Marketing | DotCreativeEver since the introduction of the Novel Corona Virus, every sphere in our Country India was put on hold since 22nd March 2020. Due to the prevailing Lockdown and the Government norms, all the industries were closed. It leads to a very adverse effect on our economy. But soon after a slow and steady start of industries a bit has become normal. 

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According to data released by Facebook, it revealed 70% of time increased on time spent on the application in Italy. So you can understand, the drastic change in the mind of people this pandemic has bought. Similarly, yet another data released conveys that around 1 lakh new website are made every day. 


Keeping in mind the masks, sanitizers, and social distancing as the new normal every consumer nowadays avoid visiting the market for shopping. This has lead to a significant boost up in demand for E-commerce websites. The company owners shifted their companies in online mode. Digital marketing also got immense popularity these days.

With every business sphere, suffering losses are almost out of work. These companies of Digital Marketing and E-commerce were fully occupied with work during this pandemic. For you, being a business owner, we want to convey to you the benefits of online marketing in this time of Corona Virus.


Before that go through 6 digital marketing tips for marketers in 2020, to understand in detail the necessity of Digital marketing in today’s world.

Here are some of the benefits, for Why you should immediately start Digital Marketing and E-commerce website.

Impact Of Corona Virus On Digital Marketing | DotCreative

1. Cost-effective

If you shift your business from offline to online, you will not require to pay rent, electricity bill, maintenance charges, etc. Sitting comfortably in your home, you can easily carry out your work effectively. This will make it easier for you to carry on your business without much hassle. 

During this time of the pandemic, you are obviously looking for a budget-friendly way. No other way can be as affordable as shifting your business online either by setting up an e-commerce company or through digital marketing.


2. Creates brand loyalty

When you shift your business online, you will automatically, get reviews and feedback from your customers for the product or service you provide. This, in return, will help new clients to trust your brand.

New clients do not know what can they get in return for their investment, so the positive reviews from your customers help them to choose you. This way, you can ensure brand loyalty among a large section of people who haven’t been in business with you ever.


3. Targets larger audience at the same time

Going door to door for promoting your products and services required salesperson, who can visit different places and persuade them on choosing you. But this is a lengthy process, and it takes time.

But when your business is online, you can target a broad audience that can be genuinely interested in your business niche. In this method, you won’t require any salesperson, but instead, you can manage it. Once you get lead generation from the specific section, you can retarget them for further lead generation.

Impact Of Corona Virus On Digital Marketing | DotCreative

4. Maintains social distancing

Accepting the new normal of social distancing, you can save lives of yourself as well as your customers. Without personal contact, you will be able to save from the deadliest coronavirus and at the same time, continue your business smoothly.

When going online, you and your employees can work from home and maintain your business which you cannot in offline mode. So making your business online is very important in this time of the pandemic.


Give strong competition to your competitor.

5. Give strong competition to your competitor.

Following the trend, your competitors must have been working online. So in order to give a robust competition, you must also be present online. If you ignore this, you will lose a lot of your customers to your competitors, which you could have if you were online.

Hence, it is high time when you go online and provide a tough competition and gain your space in the online market as you have a mark in offline marketing.


6. Get relevant traffic for every business niche.

A large section of people remains online in this digital world. Maybe youths or adults, males or females you can get the audience relevant to any business niche.

For example, if you have an imitation jewelry business, you will need to target females because ladies generally purchase jewelry. So you can target females and get relevant traffic as per your business niche. This will make it a bit easier for you for sales conversion and business growth.


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