7 Ways To Use Instagram Video For Business

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7 Ways to Use Instagram Video for Business

In the digital world, social media has become an essential part of a successful marketing strategy. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. offer lots of opportunities for brands to showcase their products. These platforms are liberated to use, and you'll directly interact with a bigger audience without delay. You do not invest lots of cash in building a marketing strategy that has social media videos. Irrespective of whether you've got a little low or an outsized business, it is time that you take social media marketing seriously.


According to the data provided by Lyfe Marketing, about 93% of twitter users use their mobile phones to see the videos. Views of branded video content on YouTube has doubled within the last three years. Moreover, Facebook live videos receive ten times more comments that an everyday video. The data mentioned above provides that video advertising is in the most demand on social media networks. This is because millennials connect more to videos on social media. Web Marketing Video Council has found that quite 60 % of brands are using social media videos actively for promotions. Thus, it's highly likely that your competitors are leveraging the facility of social media video to expand their customer base.

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Instagram may be a compelling social media platform that permits you to share images and videos online. The trends on Instagram is studied by 

Techcrunch from the beginning. As per their study, Instagram crossed the brink of 1 billion monthly active Instagram users in 2018. Moreover, Instagram is currently growing at a rate of 5 % per quarter, the very best among social media platforms. So, Instagram should undoubtedly be the first choice for displaying any brand's product and services. During this article, we are going to take you through some ways to use Instagram videos to engage more audiences.


Short Commercials

Create short, valuable videos that represent your brand. You'll showcase your product in an inventive way through these videos. The commercial is often inspirational, funny, or emotional. At present Instagram permits you to share 60-second video on the timeline. With such short videos, it's easy to grab the eye of the target market. Short videos can, most importantly, used to share important details about your products. You'll share the commercial in Instagram stories, IGTV, or within the Instagram timeline.

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Product details

Display your product's features or a 'product in momentum ' video to express its skill. Focus only on essential elements to stay the viewers engaged. Keep the video more informative and fewer descriptive. 

Every brief detail should be kept in mind to produce a cool and sexy video. You'll put the merchandise video in your brand's Instagram page's timeline for the target audience to work out anytime. Creating such spontaneous videos attracts lots of attention.


Do it yourself videos.

Sufficient thanks to using Instagram videos is to form instructional content. Share your products with the help of videos which you can either do it yourself or explain how to about your products. This will helps the users to know the product's usage. You'll also create troubleshooting videos associated with any problem that your customer might face. To the purpose, videos are liked by the target market as they get relevant information within a brief span of your time. By sharing such videos from time to time, you'll build a relationship along with your existing customers.

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Behind the scenes video

Customers became picky in choosing a product; hence it's essential to ascertain a reference to them. You'll create behind the scenes videos that take them through trivia associated with your product. You'll even conduct quick learning sessions about tips and tricks related to your product usage. The fast forward video shared by DotCreative will give you some idea about how it works. You must be creative and smart in capturing the right moments for your Instagram video.


Instagram Stories Video

Instagram launched Insta stories in August 2016. Through stories, you'll share photos and videos along with your followers for a 24 hour duration. This short span creates a way of urgency, and folks tend to look at the stories as they see one active. You'll use accounts to push your business as follows:

Providing extra benefits to the customers for a short time is a great way to attract customers towards your products and services. You'll found the offer so it can only be redeemed during the story's lifespan. Once people get to understand about such deals, they're going to come for more. Let Instagram influencers handle your Instagram business account to share a glimpse of the products and discount offers. A well-known face is bound to draw in more audience and develop brand awareness among them.

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Live on Instagram

The best feature of Instagram marketing is that you can stream live video thereon. Once you go continue to exist on Instagram, you're at the forefront of your follower's Instagram feed. Hence, there are high chances of your followers engaging along with your live stream. They get to work out your flow, whether or not they are not physically a part of the event. Product previews, product releases, Q&A sessions, educational streams, etc. are some ways within which you'll engage along with your online audience. If your event is pre-planned, then you'll put on the market through emails and other social media platforms.


Bring in the creators.

The stories on your Instagram posts should have a personal touch for introducing your employees who had made your products or delivered the services. Give a personal touch to your stories by adding your employees who have created your products and services. 


You'll get the team members to share their journey in development. Also, you'll let your employees handle your brand's Instagram account every day. They'll then share details about their work-life and, therefore, the toil that goes into making the merchandise. The staff can even conduct a Q&A session for the audience to teach them about the merchandise. Such video sessions create an emotional connection with the target market and more views to your Instagram account.

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If you are not incorporating the facility of Instagram into your digital marketing campaign, then you're missing out on something big. If used correctly, can take your merchandise to new heights. To get any extra detail related to your Instagram bio or if you want to switch to business Instagram, DotCreative will help you out. You can contact us on phone number: 7044642210 and email address: [email protected]. The methods mentioned previously will ease you are in getting started in doing this. You will also employ social media management services that could handle you're promoting your merchandise by producing some excellent video content.

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