How To Grow Your Business With Social Media And SEO In 2021?

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If 2021 is the year when you aim to reach new goals for your business, you are in the right place. Here, DotCreative will describe the importance of a business online with the right ways to promote it. Alongside having a business, one must know how to use the internet to attract and keep potential customers.

The best way to attract customers is through Digital Marketing, and two important keys for Digital Marketing is Social Media and SEO. Social media attracts customers from different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram), while SEO is the best way to generate high-quality traffic to your website.

If you are new to these words and know nothing about growing your business, you must not worry as DotCreative in this article will explain everything in details.

Let'sLet's start...

What is SEO, and why is it important?

SEO sounds simple, which means optimizing your website to rank good on Search Engines, but it is not that simple. You need to attract the right traffic to your website who seriously want to purchase from you. Furthermore, SEO involves every individual aspect of your website, from the headline to website load speed.

So you need to work on a strong SEO strategy to develop a good website else the competitors will gobble up all your traffic.

Along with all these, if you get the right SEO, you already won your half battle as it will automatically provide you with the best-generated leads for your products to sell.

How to use SEO to grow your business?

    • Proper keyword research planning and implementation Keyword research acts as the establishment stone for a building to build. Everything you do for a good SEO strategy requires proper keyword research done, else everything else is in vain. However, you need to keep a few things in mind in 2021, and the most important is the user intent. Basically, there are three types of keyword user intent:
      • Navigational – the user is searching for a particular brand
      • Informational – the user is searching for data, such as costs, reviews or observations
      • Transactional – the user is willing to execute a purchase

When you understand user intent, you can start producing contents for your website with the researched keywords.

    • Create the best possible content You must have heard the phrase "Content is the King", and it is not said just like that; it has a reason behind it.

      The better is the content, the more it will:

      • Authenticate you as the go-to expert in your niche
      • Build a relationship with your audience
      • Get shared
      • Generate backlinks

It will also be loved both by Google and your audiences. It is really important that the more the audience will engage, the more they will get interested and share the post. Which, on the other hand, will let google trust you and provide higher rankings.

It should be your goal to generate in-depth keyword used content for a good website and generate more backlinks from other websites.

  • More backlinks; better SEOBacklinks are going to be an essential part of your SEO campaign.

    Backlinks are nothing more than a link from a different website to yours, yet it has an impactful effect on your website's rankings.

    It works like this: securing a backlink from an authoritative website in your niche allows the search engine to believe that they can trust you.

    If secured websites love you, then why will google not love you?

    Backlinks from your ow website can also be done. Though it's not that impactful, it indeed shows some positive changes.
  • Optimize your On-page SEO On-page SEO is really important as it shows all the stuff on your page of the website. It is all in your hands what you want to display on the page.

You should optimize these for a good On-page SEO:

Your URL:The URL should be short and related to the content something as such:

Title Tags:It must contain your primary keyword and at least one secondary keyword to let google and the audience know about the page.

Meta Descriptions:Let Google and your readers know about what the content is. Meta descriptions should be convincing enough to ensure the reader clicks the post and must include keywords.

Tags: The main hierarchal heading tag you should use to create a good on-page SEO strategy.

Site Speed:you should have a fast loading speed for your site as if it takes longer, the reader will not wait and would back out.

Now, let us come to...

Social Media and why it's essential for business?

It'sIt's absolutely vital to gain customer's trust and confidence, and the best way is via social media.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have 1 billion users each. From here, you can meet your customers who are entertaining, engaging and educating the audience.

After you get your interested audience, it's then the case of consistently interacting with them and producing contents to increase your reach.

How to manage Social Media to expand your business?

    • Choose the right Social Media PlatformsThe first thing you need to decide is the social media platform you want to use for your Digital Marketing. Depending on your business niche, you need to choose the platform correctly. You need not be available on each social network.

Before putting content into your social media account, make sure you get your profile optimized.

Now, after deciding the platforms, you must select the best tool for the thing to work. The best of three working tools are:

If you are all new to social media, you may want to sell straight forward, but surely it's a wrong move.

You must focus on building relationships primarily, and then secondly, you can sell your products.

If you only want to sell, sell, and sell, the customers will obviously lose interest in your posts as they come to social media to be social and have fun.

So you need to be funny and should share memes so as they want to visit your posts again and again.

  • Content promotion

As mentioned earlier, the in-depth content is a must for good SEO. So, you can promote the content on social media.

Promoting content on Social Media can generate good leads on the social media platform.  

    • Run contests

Run contests as who doesn'tdoesn't like to win prizes?

Covering a contest that transforms insanely demands several steps:

    • Pick a goal: Do you want to boost engagement, or perhaps you just want more user-generated content? Decide on a goal and a budget to get started.
    • Pick a prize: Your prize must be relevant to your brand, and it must also be damn exciting. Otherwise, why would anyone enter? It could be one of your commodities, a receipt, a discount or something completely different.
    • Decide on a contest type: Contest types include photo contests, caption contests, video contests, or sweepstakes. Or, you could request people to share the post. Either way, you've got to keep it simple.
    • Determine a length of time: How long will your contest run for? The shorter the time duration, the more urgency you will build.
    • Brush up on the contest rules: Each social media platform has its own rules for contests. Make certain to study up on them before you begin yours.
    • Promote it: Dust off your best copy to build a buzz around your contest and get the world out there.
    • Announce the winners: And don'tdon't forget to give the winner their prize as soon as possible. That's really important!
    • Be visual

      Updating posts from time to time is a must as you should be visible for the audience to see you and know more about you.

      So while posting, you must keep in mind to share visual content as well because they interact more on photographs, memes and what not and less on written content.
    • Interact with your customers

      Less than 20% of customers get a response from different business for their response. So, if you interact with them, you will be unique and surely loved by the customers.

      A simple ''thanks'' in response to the feedback can improve your relationship immensely.

      Social media is totally different from the others where you can communicate with the customers, get feedback, and answer their queries to build better relationships.
    • Track your results Lastly, it's important to track your performance on social media to understand how effective your social media campaigns are. There are plenty of social media analysis tools like TrackMaven where you can calculate the improvement of traffic on your posts and know your post's reach and time.


SEO and Social Media both are the best ways to generate leads and convert them into your customers. Both equally focus on relationship building along with brand promotion and ultimately sales.

We at DotCreative are ever ready to reduce your hassle to zero and look after everything to deliver you a fruitful result and take your online business to a new level in 2021.

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