7 SEO Tools That You Need To Rank Your Blog Higher On SERPs

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7 SEO Tools That You Need to Rank Your Blog Higher on SERPs7 SEO Tools to Rank Your Blog Higher on SERPs

In order to rank your blog on SERPs, you need to understand your audience and search engine requirements so that you can create and optimize your content accordingly. It can be challenging if you don't use the right strategies and tools. A wide array of SEO Tools is available that can enable you to stay ahead of the competition. 

  • Google Keyword Planner

    It is essential that you know what keywords to target when ranking your blog. Anyhow, it can be challenging to find the right keyword with relevant intent, high search volume, and lesser difficulty. 

    You can use Google Keyword Planner to find the top-ranking keywords according to your target niche and audience. It is a free keyword research tool that works effectively to discover new keywords, find related keywords, and suggest bid estimates simultaneously. 

    In addition, it enables the users to enter any domain name in order to find out the keywords for which the respective website is ranking higher.

  • Grammarly

    grammarlyYour blog must feature high quality to achieve a higher ranking on SERPs. If there are grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and unclear sentences in your content then the search engine will not even index your blog posts.

    You need Grammarly, an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you to write readable, clear, and unique content with ease. It thoroughly analyzes any type of content to highlight and fix grammar issues just as you write. Moreover, it enables you to adjust the writing tone and style to get pertinent suggestions accordingly.

    Most importantly, it detects plagiarism and traces all the matched sources within seconds. This way, it becomes easier to ensure content quality by all means.

    You can use Grammarly for free, but its features will be limited until you switch ot its premium or business plan.

    If you run multiple blogs at a time, then Grammarly Business will be the right choice for you.

  • Prepostseo

    prepostseoPrepostseo is an ultimate resource to find every useful tool that can boost your blog rankings. It features the widest range of highly functional SEO tools that makes it easier for you to understand your competition and find what's holding your blog back from ranking higher on SERPs.

    Moreover, its SEO suite contains a variety of tools that can track your performance and help you optimize your blog content in the most effective way. For instance, you can use its plagiarism checker to ensure the uniqueness of your blog posts or leverage its paraphrasing tool to improve your writing style and escape duplicity. 

    The best thing about Prepostseo is that it provides free access to all types of SEO tools that you need to optimize and rank your blog. Anyhow, you can buy a premium plan as well - in case you want to leverage advanced features and accelerate your rankings by all means.

  • Check-Plagiarism

    Check PlagiarismUndoubtedly, Check-plagiarism is an ideal tool for bloggers to identify duplicate content within seconds.

    It's a free duplicate content checker tool that works effectively to highlight copied sentences and trace the sources with which the given content matches.

    For sure, if you want to rank your blog SERPs then you need to make sure that it is free from plagiarism and adds value to the users. Therefore, you must analyze your blog content through Check-plagiarism prior to plagiarism.

    It is a highly functional tool that's quite easy to use and anyone including bloggers can leverage it without any premium subscription.

  • SpyFu

    spyFuIndeed, you are required to perform effective SEO strategies in order to rank your blog higher on search engine result pages. Therefore, SpyFu is the best fit for your needs.

    Comprehensive competitor analysis, backlinks building, keyword research, rank tracking, and SERP analysis - you can do everything with SpyFu.

    Most importantly, it serves a lot when you create content for your blog posts. It helps to audit and optimize content length, information, heading structure, and competitive keywords.

    Basically, it enables you to analyze your competitors and makes it easier for you to outrank them on SERPs.

    Ultimately, it's an effective tool that every blogger should use to gain valuable insights into content quality.

  • MOZ

    mozMoz is the widely used SEO platform where you can find all the useful tools to track and boost your blog rankings.

    For instance, once you are done with the quality of content, you can move further to link building. Indeed, link building plays an essential role in rankings. If you choose a website to get backlink, then you must check whether the website is authoritative enough to pass ranking strength to your blog or not. You should know that a website must have high traffic, quality content, high domain authority, old domain age, and a less spam score in order to be credible and authoritative for backlink building.

    Moz can check all of these matrices, enabling you to identify the sites which are ideal to get a backlink for your blog. Take in account that there's a lot more that you can do with Moz tools to improve your rankings.

    Moreover, keep in mind that Moz offers premium tools which means that you will have to buy a subscription plan in order to use it.

  • Schema.org

    schemaCreating quality content, getting quality backlinks, and performing a competitor analysis - all of these efforts will be futile if the search engines and users cannot understand your blog's content intent at first glance.

    That is why it is preferred to build a dynamic article schema markup for each blog post. Indeed, schema markup makes it easy for the search engine crawlers to identify the niche and intent of your blog post.

    You can use schema.org to standardize the HTML meta tags within a few seconds. You can easily customize your meta tags to configure rich snippets for your blog posts.

    For sure, this will increase both your SERPs ranking and click-through rate.


For sure, there are multiple SEO tools that you must use in order to optimize your blog according to webmaster guidelines and ensure higher rankings on search engine result pages. These tools have been mentioned after complete research from the top SEO experts of DotCreative. Using these tools will get your blog a higher ranking on SERPs

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